Influential storytelling: the next generation


Business storytelling is going through a dramatic evolution. Everybody can have a voice and tell their share of the business story. The first challenge is how all of these voices work together to create a cohesive chorus of high quality and relevant content. The next challenge is how this feeds into one big on-going story that grows and grows with the business, its customers and its partners.

A company blog in the sense of a linear post-by-post summary of thinking from a business is a good start but we’re moving to a world where the company blog must become a site for influential story-telling. It will be fed by news, opinions, views, contributions from experts and commercial partners, rich with brilliant words, amazing images and high quality video content. All of which needs to be of the highest quality possible.

This storytelling site needs to be fully connected through the most influential social channels for the business. Each of those channels must reflect the story that is being told at the hub and have its own take on that story using the strengths of each channel appropriately. Right now those channels are Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube and Facebook. That may change but those five aren’t going anywhere fast.

It needs to be responsive, designed for any device. It has to work on mobile. Smart phones and tablets have changed the game on the way you can research a business on the move. 4G and faster wi-fi will make this ever more important. Think about those millions of business people on the move. Some of them want to know your story. Possibly in the two minutes they’re sitting in your reception before that important first meeting. They’ll be looking at you and your business on their smart phone or tablet so how do you look?

Your storytelling site needs a smart editorially-savvy content management team. A team that knows the story you want to tell about your business inside out. A team that can run how and when this story is fed that is skilled in coordinating, researching, curating and posting content. A team that can make editorial decisions, planning what content rises to the top. A team that can spot what content is offered to influential partners first across media, trade bodies, analysts, clients and other important outlets that support your story and build the online profile of your business. All of this clever content management, PR and B2B marketing is designed to make sure you feed the Google search engine which is a hungry beast.

A storytelling centre is exactly what it sounds like – the central pooling resource for all the elements of your story, whether that’s a tweet or a white paper, a 2-3 min interview clip or an infographic. This is multiple channel storytelling, using every individual as an expert story-teller, feeding and inter-twining what they’re saying to underline your expertise as a business and how real your story is. The bigger your business, the potentially more exciting your online story.

If you haven’t got one, it needs building now. And it needs a brilliant content management team behind it.

If you want to know more, drop us a line and in the meantime please take a look at the one we’ve just built for Starcom MediaVest Group in the UK at